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1 travel guides
need to travel sometime soon? we produce a series of concise urban travel guides in pdf, print and i-phone formats. guides are map based, and focus on shopping zones within a city.
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2 travel concierge service
need some help when you get there? let us plan your shopping experience. superfuture can set you up with a superfuture 'human' tour guide 'footsoldier', as well as assist with booking limousines and restaurants. we can arrange tours from 1 to 30 persons.
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3 hotel reservation and bookings
need somewhere to stay? we have customized listings in association with so you can book hotels in cities around the world.
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4 custom cartography 
need a map? we offer a customized map design consultancy service.
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5 custom content production and syndication
need our content for your website? we provide syndicated content for print and online media.
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6 online community resources
need to discuss stuff with a like minded community? join our supertalk messageboards. with over 150000 members and 2.4 million posts, you should be able to find what you are looking for.
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7 advertising and promotions
need to promote your brand or products to our audience? superfuture offers promotional options ranging from online advertising campaigns to sponored editorial and custom programs.
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8 premium services for shops
need more customers? we can enhance your superfuture shop listing with premium positioning and photography.
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need more infomation about superfuture?
full media and press details about superfuture are available for sponsors, advertisers and media outlets.
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