• indian accent

    london: indian accent

    As you enter Indian Accent - leave your expectations at the door. Here, Chef Manish Mehrotra is deconstructing and reconstructing recipes from the subcontinent to deliciously inventive effect. Our advice? Either go straight for the Chef’s Tasting Menu or allow the wonderful staff to surprise you - you can’t go wrong. You know you’re not in Kansas/ Kolkata when presented with an amuse bouche kulcha bread stuffed with…blue cheese. The story unfolds through the starters that include Kashmiri morels with walnut powder and parmesan papad and flavourful Mathri cones with smoked aubergine, foie gras and lamb. The reference point is unmistakably Indian but experienced via completely new produce and formats. Mid courses include melt-off-the-bone meetha achaar ribs and truly outstanding pulled jackfruit phulka (order a round for the table regardless). Main courses continue to turn convention’s on its head. The Roomali Roti pancakes is a spin of sorts on crispy duck pancakes with a DIY platter of ghee roast lamb, chutneys, cucumber and wafer-thin pancakes. The vegetable tart stuffed with winter vegetables and spinach with a savoury tomato sauce is definitely outside the box. Sides include a pea and quinoa pulao, decadent black dahl and kulcha’s stuffed with wild mushroom, paneer makhni or smoked bacon amongst other fillings. Curry house this certainly is not. Without doubt make room for dessert which includes a pillowy mountain of Makhan Malai - think saffron mouse with rose petals, burnt sugar and almonds and the sticky sweet treacle tart. The wine, cocktails and beer list is extensive - consult your host for their recommendation. Fans of Indian Cuisine will be delighted, those that ‘think’ they don’t like Indian Cuisine - will be delighted. The space is sumptuous without brashness and with exceptional food and faultless service this is a true London highlight.

    19 february 2018 by becky
  • mortimer house and kitchen

    london: mortimer house and kitchen

    ‘Wellness’ has evolved beyond a buzz word and into a second-nature, integrated component of everyday life. Mortimer House is a new breed of social space with Wellness at the heart. Beyond a mere schedule of yoga classes, the whole space addresses self-betterment and balance across work, life and mind, wrapped in the premium luxury of a six floor Art Deco building. It includes a striking gym with a full suite of classes, personal training options and a meditation room. Membership is inclusive and flexible with a range of options including a package for travellers. Your initiation can start in the plush Mortimer House Kitchen is open to the public. Open for breakfast/ brunch and all day dining, the menu shuns the expected ‘clean eating’ route and opts for balance with generous plates of Mediterranean inspired food with plenty of veggie/ vegan choices. Sample from ‘small’ plates such as charcoal cauliflower slathered in creamy tahini; soft shell crab fritti with yuzu and Sicilian red prawns ceviche. Mid-range plates include the excellent courgette spaghetti lifted with smoked ricotta and buffalo ricotta ravioli with black truffle. Carnivores will be delighted with slow coked lamb shoulder with wild mushroom and jus; grilled octopus with saffron mashed potato and harissa and wild seabags with artichokes and olives. Do not ‘resist’ the dessert (chocolate mille-feuille or blueberry tart anyone?) A stylish space that discretely weaves a well narrative throughout the programme without evangelising.

    19 february 2018 by becky
  • london rascals

    london: london rascals

    A truly apt name for a joint that pivots around pure mischief-making fun. Enter the doors into an Insta-wonderland that’s thankfully highly on both style AND substance. At the heart of the space is a excellent, VFM menu of dinner and cocktails. Think asparagus with truffle and polenta sauce; tempura squid with jalapeño ketchup; butternut gnocchi with salsify and mushroom foam; lobster mac’n’cheese and sticky pork belly. Drinks are moreish and inventive from Shiso Fine [with nitro-muddled shiso and sesame] to Tonka the Plonka [with bourbon, fig, tonic bean and black walnut]. And that’s just the warm up. Rascals is home to London’s only water proof dining room, primed for 90s-TV style antics from water pistol battles to jelly wars. The weekly Bottomless brunches featured unlimited espresso martinis, bucks fizz, drag and dancing. Last but not least, Rascals is adjacent to brilliant and bonkers, Ballie Ballerson ballpit bar. Whether you’re looking for an original event’s or looking for a ‘Shoreditch’ destination that doesn’t take itself too seriously - look no further.

    19 february 2018 by becky
  • mansura

    tel aviv: mansura

    rub shoulders with the cool crowd while munching on tasty dishes.

    02 february 2018 by andreas
  • flour & grape

    london: flour & grape

    Now we’ve gotten over our unreasonable complex with ‘carbs’ (so 00’s) there is something of a pasta Renaissance taking place in London. For a best-in-class example, set your CityMapper to Flour & Grape in village-esque Bermondsey. Everything is made on-site from scratch meaning you’re in for an extra punch of fresh flavour and ambrosial aromas as you walk through the doors. The menu is short and sweet with a selection of small plates and curated pasta dishes. Flour - tick, but as the name implies it’s also a fantastic spot for discovering new Italian wines and most dishes come with a recommended pairing. Also, if you feel like digressing, here’s a place to try the retro yet recently resurged Lambrusco... For starters don’t skip the crisp endive with salty gorgonzola with pear, the molten burrata with prosciutto braciotto and the homemade ricotta with beetroot. For pasta you can do no wrong with dense caserecce paired with savoury tomato, capers and basil ; tortellini generously stuffed with roasted pork shoulder and tagliolini in butter emulsion, preserved truffle, cured egg yolk. The portions are satisfying without the all too often unwelcome bloat. Close off with a creamy gelato, rich chocolate bundino or palette-cleansingly clementine sorbetto. The ambience is spot on with the lighting low, music off and just the jovial chitter chatter of other dinners. With a ‘first date’ to our left and a post-xmas pals catch up on our right this is a great excuse for any meet’n’eat.

    10 january 2018 by becky
  • yen

    london: yen

    come to worship the excellent fare at this new soba shrine.

    08 january 2018 by andreas
  • wahaca test kitchen

    london: wahaca test kitchen

    What started as an independent take on Mexican food 10 years ago has spun into a mini empire across the UK and Europe. Thomasina Miers immersion into Mexican cuisine and passion for the nation’s extraordinary diversity of flavours has helped re-educate the British palette beyond ‘fajitas’ and ‘tequila slammers’. The next chapter for Wahaca is the Test Kitchen, an experimental space to trial new dishes, subtle flavour tweaks and new approaches to plating up. The menu is a mix of Wahaca favourites, brand new dishes and variations on classics - with British ingredients throughout. It’s also a response to the diverse landscape of eaters from vegan (cashew nut mole) to gluten free (corn tortillas). On the tasters and snacks menu are the Mexico City Nachos, an unashamed stack of tortillas loaded with beans, salsa and gooey cheese and the cheeky pork scratchings - the perfect partner with a cold Cerveza. Here you’re spoiled for sharing plates, tacos and sides ranging from bean and avocado leaf quesadillas; Loch Duart Salmon Tartare tostadas; grilled baby gem and crab with fresh lime and buttermilk dressing: tamarind-glazed pork ribs and kohlrabi slaw. The ‘big plates’ menu is amped up with Grilled Chicken Breast and Roast Pepper with Green Herb Mole and Market Planks designed to get your fingers sticky with Chargrilled Cauliflower and Pomegranate Seeds and Slowcooked Beef Chin. The classic ‘Wahaca Feasts’ are the fall back for those who just can’t decide. Squeeze room for the fantastic dessert from fudgey brownies with Dulce de Leche to Black Coconut Ice Cream and Fried Bunenlos. The friendly, open staff are hungry for your feedback - successful new dishes may roll out across the Wahaca family. If you’re a Wahaca disciple, you’ll rejoice and the surprising menu, if you’re new - you’re in for a treat.

    18 december 2017 by becky
  • camino

    london: camino

    Shoreditch is now home to the latest in the Camino clan of Spanish-inspired eateries. This particular site is inspired by the Castile y León region of Northern Spain. Specialising in Tapas, the menu reads like, ‘I’ll have one of everything please!’. Baring all the favoured hallmarks of Spanish cuisine, here plump Manzanilla Olives (salt) rub shoulders with padron peppers, croquettes, tortilla de patatas, churros, manchego and serrrano. Old favourites are treated with extra finesse - think runny-room-temperature Clarence Court Old Cotswold Legbar eggs and Iberian ham from acorn-foraging-pigs roaming 14km a day. Graze across fish, meat, seafood, vegetables and sweet treats. Alongside the classics, select from tequila-cured sea trout and mackerel escabeche in Catalunian Chardonnay vinegar; duck breast in Oloroso sherry sauce and endive salad with clementine and honey. Don’t by-pass the excellent cheese platter offering a taster of five artisan creations. Team it with a selection from the Charcuteria of course and finish off with a juicy dessert wine, ports and brandies. ‘Grazing’ is key and this is a place to indulge in as many dishes as you can manage.

    18 december 2017 by becky
  • izakaya

    munich: izakaya

    few have banked on the japanese-peruvian food trend with such pizzazz as izakaya [12.2017].

    07 december 2017 by andreas
  • green brothers

    tokyo: green brothers

    build your own salads with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. makes a change from the ubiquitous ramen joints.

    03 december 2017 by kirsty