• freitag by mmmg

    seoul: freitag by mmmg

    design shop mmmg dedicates an entire shop to a hit product range [01.2018].

    14 january 2018 by andreas
  • gentle monster

    singapore: gentle monster

    k-shades are all the rage, also in this neck of the woods.

    29 september 2017 by andreas
  • gentle monster

    shanghai: gentle monster

    as this boutique blatantly demonstrates, retail design reaches a new evocative peak [08.2017].

    31 august 2017 by andreas
  • waltz

    tokyo: waltz

    real old school and super analog: vinyl, vhs, cassette tapes, plus original tape decks, from walkmans to boomboxes.

    17 august 2017 by kirsty
  • ew. pharmacy

    tokyo: ew. pharmacy

    cool little flower shop [06.2017] that looks like a science lab. get arrangements in bell jars, specimen jars or clear vacuum packs.

    12 august 2017 by kirsty
  • gentle monster

    chengdu: gentle monster

    a store that's the talk of the town for more than one reason [08.2017].

    31 july 2017 by andreas
  • viu

    copenhagen: viu

    and now, viu frames faces in copenhagen too... [07.2017].

    01 july 2017 by andreas
  • apple

    singapore: apple

    apple's first southeast asian flagship is marked by a soaring glass fa├žade and a giant canopy [06.2017].

    07 june 2017 by andreas
  • mykita

    paris: mykita

    the cult eyewear brand has relocated its marais boutique to bigger premises [05.2017].

    04 may 2017 by andreas
  • gentle monster

    seoul: gentle monster

    gentle monster's hongdae store has once again transformed its ground floor into a new and immersive retail adventure [01.2017].

    29 january 2017 by andreas